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Developing a best-in-class product and marketing site for a leader in the cement manufacturing industry.

CTS Cement is a leading manufacturer of cement and cement related products. One of its most well-known brands is Rapid Set®. The Rapid Set® line is comprised of numerous products for use by construction professionals as well as homeowners. Other brands include Komponent® and products made with Portland cement that are currently under the CTS brand. CTS has over 60 individual products and introduces new products each year.


CTS Cement has long been known as a leader and innovator in the cement manufacturing industry. But they were behind the curve with respect to their marketing strategy and digital platforms. We identified three major areas that presented a significant challenge: Website users were forced to take too many steps to find the products and information they were seeking; the website lacked clear categorization of products and a clear path for customer segments; and their static website was outdated and difficult to update, keeping potential customers from an engaging experience.


Working closely with the CTS team, we conducted an in-depth discovery process. The result was the development of a best-in-class marketing and product website based on a minimal design approach to remove visual distractions; a One-Click Mega Menu that reduced user steps; two distinct paths for Homeowners and Professionals; a Multi-Search feature that automatically categorized search results; a new Find-A-Dealer and Find-A-Store module; and a content management system that gives the CTS team the ability to keep their content updated and competitive.


These innovative initiatives resulted in a significant increase in customer engagement and an increase in traffic to CTS dealer and store websites which in turn resulted in an uptick in product sales. A well designed user experience is vital to increase engagement and ultimately turn a user into a customer. From the outset to the launch of every website project requires a multi-disciplined approach. The strategic implementation of user behavior, content creation, navigation, and design – all work in concert to shape a quality product that led to profitable growth.

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