Building a new brand for an innovative software startup to compete in an established market.

Raiserback is a new software startup building the next-generation fundraising platform. With a new and innovative approach to donor relationship management, Raiserback seeks to be the simple, affordable, and customizable choice for non-profit fundraising organizations.


Building on its new business model and market strategy – a new brand name and visual identity was important to differentiate Raiserback from its competitors. In addition, a new visual design for the product user interface and user experience was needed. Building brand awareness and a customer following was also a top priority.


The new brand name “Raiserback” was created by merging the words “Fundraiser” and “Giving Back” that form to represent both parties of a fundraising transaction. In addition to a new visual identity, and user interface design, an “Early Access Site” was developed allowing potential customers to receive updates on the future product launch.


After extensive research, a new brand name, visual identity, user interface – user testing and user feedback of potential software users remains positive. The byproduct of our approach resulted in an increase in brand recognition and awareness, which led to an increase in early access subscribers.

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