Developing an innovative learning and recruitment system to establish and grow an international sales network.

In 2004, ReachLocal, was created with the mission of helping local businesses grow and succeed. ReachLocal grew to become a total digital marketing system and is now a leader in the space putting digital media solutions and services to work helping over 16,000 customers on five continents. ReachLocal is headquartered in Woodland Hills, California and operates in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America.


ReachLocal executives needed to develop a new sales and marketing network, as well as recruit and train a high number of new skilled marketing agents. The challenge was to design and develop two distinct software management systems – a Recruitment Management System to identify and qualify potential marketing candidates, and a Learning Management System that would aid in the training of new marketing agents. Both systems were to be designed, developed, and deployed simultaneously.


To address this challenge, two separate and distinct development teams were assembled with specific skill sets required for each unique project. These included, software engineers, user experience designers, database engineers, and server integration specialists. Our senior software engineer acted as project manager and worked with each respective department within ReachLocal. Our in-house engineer served as account manager for both projects and as the liaison between Mozaek and ReachLocal.


As a result, two separate development teams were successfully assembled each containing account management, project management, and department management personnel, resulting in the design, development, and deployment of two distinct software management systems simultaneously. This allowed ReachLocal to meet their stated goal and expand their sales and marketing network which today operates nationally and internationally. This critical accomplishment paved the way for an initial public offering, followed by an acquisition by Gannett in 2016.

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